VDM8 Series Monoblock Valves, Up To 5100 PSI & 20 GPM

Fluid Viscosity10 to 400 cSt; Optimal range 12 to 75 cSt
Maximum Back Pressure363 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure5100 PSI on ports "P", "A", & "B"
NoteAll technical data carried out using mineral oil with viscosity of 16 cSt and contamination level of 19/16 per ISO 4406
Temperature Range-4° to 185°F with NBR seals
Ambient Temperature Range-22°F to 140°F
FeaturesCast-iron monoblock construction up to 5 spools • Parallel circuit, load check valve protection • Venting valve • Power beyond • Hardened steel, nickel-plated spools for higher surface hardness and corrosion resistance • Variety of spool types • Minimum tolerance between the spool and body to obtain a minimum of internal leakage • All spools interchangeable • Variety of spool control and positioning devices • Auxiliary valves available on port A/B
Internal Leakage1.52 to 2.13 in³/min at 2285 PSI
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