Hydraulic Repair & Service, Florida

Hydraulic Repair & Service, Florida

Hydraulic Repair & Service, Florida US Repair Center

Hydraulic Repair & Service
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Hydraulic Repair & Service


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Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Supply Company
Hydraulic Cylinders Repair

We offer a wide range of hydraulic cylinder repair and maintenance services:

  • Industrialized disassembly, assembly and testing of hydraulic cylinders, high-flow/high-capacity cylinders, hydraulic cylinders up to 20” in diameter and up to 10,000 lbs. in weight
  • Hydraulic cylinder inspections in accordance with regulatory classifications and life cycle maintenance
  • Complete hydraulic cylinder repair and reconditioning
  • Repair and reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders used in construction equipment, industrial plants, agricultural environments, refuse markets, marine industries, and material handling industries, among others
  • Testing of hydraulic cylinders up to 5,000 psi in order to check real-life operations
Hydraulic Motors and Pump Repair
Hydraulic Motors & Pump Repair

Hydraulic Repair & Service understands the importance of the hydraulic components in your equipment reliability. Our team of certified technicians follows a rigorous process when it comes to repairing hydraulic motors and pumps:

  • Gear, vane, and piston pumps repair services with our 200 HP test stand
  • We can provide digital data results of component testing
  • Bent axis motors and other irregularities
  • Proportional control testing
Power Unit Repair Service
Power Unit Repair Services

We are a preferred vendor for hydraulic power systems and power units design, fabrication, testing, and installation. At Hydraulic Repair & Service we can custom make your power units. With a fully staffed engineering department, we can design hydraulic power units that not only meet your needs but also that is uniquely designed to your specifications.

Valve Repair Service
Hydraulic Valve Repair Services

Our hydraulic repair service center can repair most hydraulic valves, including directional valves, flow control valves, pressure control valves, relief valves, check valves, and counterbalance valves. Valves are an important part of your hydraulic system and we service valves from all major brands.

  • Retrofits, overhaul of sections or change-outs
  • Reseal, testing and setting of main reliefs and detent
  • Electronic test control for proportional valves
Tube Honing
Tube Honing

We can hone tubes up to 15” in diameter and 19’ in length.  We use state-of-the-art equipment that works within the precise tolerances required for the best quality and accurate honing.  All hydraulic cylinders are honed to ensure that the tube has the surface finish that the manufacturer intended when new. Please contact us for information about other honing capabilities.

Rod Polishing
Rod Polishing

Our polishing capabilities include rods up to 30’ in length. Hydraulic Repair & Service can resurface and remove surface scratches from rods to maximize the life of the seals and thus equipment up-time.

Lapping Capabilities

We offer lapping capabilities to rectify and refurbish thrust and valve plates for pumps and motors. This allows us to improve turnaround time and reduce the overall cost of repairs.

Welding Services

Hydraulic Repair & Service has TIG and MIG welding capabilities to repair cracks or fabricate new components.

                                       Other Services

                                       Oil-country double-chuck 9” through hole lathe – for large tube and rod refurbishing or fabrication.

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